How it works ?

As soon as you have knowledge of a property for sale you communicate the information of the property and the owner in 30 seconds on Lok-iz.

Our partner agencies interested in your recommendation will offer you a remuneration in exchange for this information.

By accepting the compensation proposal of an agency, it will contact the owner to sign a mandate of sale.

How much do I earn on Lok-iz?

The amount of the bonuses is freely determined by our partner agencies. It is up to you to accept or reject their offers.

For information, the average amount of bonuses accepted by our Internet users is 800 € per information exchange.

How to find a property for sale ?

In your surroundings you hear about a property for sale, you walk in the street you see a sign "FOR SALE" or even in your building your concierge informs you of a move. Have the reflex and enter the information on Lok-iz.

I saw a sign "FOR SALE" of an agency, I can put it on Lok-iz?

No ! The principle of Lok-iz is to inform our partner agencies of goods that are not yet in their competitors.

What is a sales mandate?

It is a contract whereby the owner of a real estate asset, for a limited time, a real estate agent to sell his property.

There are two types of mandates:

- Simple: Allowing an owner to sign multiple mandates with different agencies

- Exclusive: The owner promises to sell his property only through a single agency (This type of mandate makes it possible to sell a property more quickly, because the agency in question will do everything possible to find an acquirer)

When do I receive the bonus?

As soon as the property is sold by the agency. You will receive a transfer on your Lok-iz personal space within 72 hours after receipt of agency fees.

In case of signature of an exclusive mandate with the owner, you will immediately receive 10% of the proposed bonus (example: Prime of 1000 € for a house, you receive 100 € from the signature of the exclusive mandate of sale)

What are the deadlines?

On average, between the exchange of one of your information and the signing of a mandate, it takes 7 days. The first payment can be made within 10 days if an exclusive mandate is signed.

For the sale of a property, the average delays are 2 months after signing a mandate.

Can I post information anywhere in France?

Yes ! We have interested partner agencies for each information. Even in the most remote countryside!

Am I limited in terms of ad?

No ! No limit, the more you communicate information, the more money you will earn!

Do I have to be a professional to communicate information?

This service is reserved for individuals wishing to earn additional income. As long as you do not exceed € 4500 of annual income on Lok-iz, you will be considered special.

Is the owner's agreement required ?

There are 2 cases if you do not know the owner:

The agreement is required for the estate that you will find on the websites between individuals. You will need to contact the landlord to explain the purpose of your appeal and obtain its agreement.

The agreement is not required : You are in the street and you saw a sign FOR SALE, written by hand made by the owner himself. You can post the recommendation directly on Lok-iz.

What happens if I communicate false information?

In case of an alert by one of our professionals, your Lok-iz personal space will be immediately blocked.