What is the amount of the bonus I should pay to a business facilitator on Lok-iz?

The minimum bonus is set to 600€ for a condo and 850€ for a house. You can raise the bonus to stimulate your business facilitators network.

Do I have to pay a bonus when the mandate is signed?

When a simple mandate is signed by your agency, Lok-iz pays 10€ to the business facilitator right away. If an exclusive mandate is signed, your agency will have to pay 10% of the amount of the previously set bonus.

What is the legal status of the business facilitators on Lok-iz?

The business facilitator is always linked to our platform and not to your activity, in order to avoid any subordination link with him. Lok-iz offers an extra income to its business facilitators. They are considered as private individuals as long as they don't shift the limit of 3500€ of extra income per year. Beyond that, they become advisors exclusively mandated by Lok-iz who guides them through the creation of an Ad-hoc legal status.

Can I reference my own business facilitators on the platform?

When you suscribe to the Lok-iz platform, you receive a unique code that enables you to coopt and reference your advisors network. The benefits of this system are :
- the absence of reclassification within the social security agency
- full transparency with your business facilitator
- you receive the informations of your godson whatever his location is.

Is the exclusivity on my real estate intel guaranteed?

When you book a location on Lok-iz, we guaranty your exclusivity on this location during your engagement period.

How long does my engagement with Lok-iz lasts?

The engagement lasts 12 months. However, you can can resile the service, but only after the third month (see our Terms and Conditions)

Does Lok-iz handles potential litigations with a Lokizer?

If the facts on which the litigation stands are proven, Lok-iz handles the litigation and applies the related sanctions ( by blocking the Lokizer account for instance).