Bonus: How it works?

Earn money by communicating information about houses, apartments, lands... for sale around you!

Do you know a seller?

1. Find seller owners

Allow your relatives to sell their properties faster. Post an ad in less than a minute on your personal section, fill in the area and let us take care of everything else.

Help your relatives by saving their time on selling properties.

2. Follow the progress of mandate's signature

Once your recommendation has been sent, our system will suggest you the agency currently looking for criterias matching with your recommendation. Then, you can follow the progress on your personal section.

The professional who is proposed to you has chosen to cover your area. He has been verified by our teams and will do his maximum for your recommendation.

3. Earn bonuses offered by our partners

The agency that receives your recommendation may then decide to sign a mandate with the owner. By signing an exclusive mandate, which indicates that the agency will be the only one authorized to sell this property, you will receive 10% of the bonus at the mandate's signature.

Have your owner sign an exclusive mandate with the agency to increase sales chance and increase your profits.

Ready to increase your incomes?